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Nothing special just only web presence, here I gathered some information regarding myself and my work, I am not professional website developer so don't expect a professional quality business level website :)

I request to you to kindly visit my blog and let me know how it is and yes if you have some thing to share through it, I will be very much happy to included your article, news, update, even job opportunities information.

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Welcome to my on-line home. This is my personal website. This is my way of staying connected both to those whom I know and with those I have not yet met who may share similar interests. In my professional life, I am concerned mostly with Computer systems and Networks, and effective communications of all kinds. I offer here on this site my comments and information related to these topic areas. My hope is that my pages on subject topics, presentation tips, etc. will be both useful and serve as the starting point as you begin your search for deeper information on these topics.

The Site Service section  contains links to books and other resources to which I often refer.

I request to you to kindly visit my blog and and subscribe RSS feeds emails for every time blog is updated and yes if you have some thing to share through it.


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